Our Story

Our Story

Building on a remarkable history

From the first exploratory rocket measurements of Earth’s upper atmosphere to our trailblazing observations of every planet in the solar system, we continually build on our remarkable history. Since our founding as the Upper Air Laboratory in 1948 and transition to the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in the mid-1960s, our research institute has always focused on expanding the frontiers of scientific knowledge.

We continue this proud tradition with a nearly $1 billion portfolio of new research and engineering programs, backed by superb data analysis, reliable mission operations, and skilled administrative support. Our institute is at the forefront of solar, planetary, and space physics research, climate and space-weather monitoring, and the search for evidence of habitable worlds. We’re also deeply committed to inspiring and educating the next generation of space explorers.

Underlying everything that we accomplish is a focus on the future as we continue to apply our present wisdom to the challenges ahead.

LASP Missions: Every Planet in the Solar System, and Beyond

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