Dolon Bhattacharyya
Dolon Bhattacharyya
Dolon Bhattacharyya



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Research Scientist


Dr. Bhattacharyya's primary research interest is studying atmospheric escape from planets both within the Solar System and exoplanets. Her research has mostly been focussed on studying water escape from Mars with Hubble Space Telescope (HST) observations and MAVEN-IUVS observations of the Hydrogen and Deuterium Lyman-alpha emission (121.56 nm). She has developed a radiative transfer model to analyze the observed atmospheric Lyman-alpha emission in order to determine the temperature, distribution and escape rate of H and D atoms from planetary exospheres. Her NASA mission experiences include being a science team member of MAVEN-IUVS instrument and serving as the Project Scientist for the Carruthers Geocorona Observatory (previously GLIDE). Dr. Bhattacharyya's current projects include studying the atmospheric evolution of Uranus and charting out the water escape history timeline of Mars with HST observations, understanding atmospheric escape from Ultra-hot exoplanets with HST data and CUTE (cubesat) observations, modeling the effect of stellar flux on an Earth-like exoplanet orbiting different types of stars, and characterizing Earth's hydrogen exosphere with GOES satellite data.

Additional Information

University of Madras, India (Physics), B.S., 2007
University of Madras, India (Physics), M.S., 2009
Boston University, USA (Astronomy), Ph.D., 2016