Research Scientist


Marcin received his Ph.D. in aerospace engineering sciences from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2011. Before coming to LASP, he spent six years at ASTRA LLC. (now Orion Space Systems) as a research scientist, systems engineer, and then deputy director of space systems. His research interests include aeronomy, satellite drag modeling, spacecraft gas-surface interactions, and data assimilation. His recent projects include: the design of assimilation schemes for specifying the space environment; Mars ionosphere-thermosphere research utilizing data from NASA’s MAVEN mission; development of a thermospheric neutral wind sensor; teaching a graduate CubeSat design course at CU Boulder; and exploring spacecraft gas-surface interaction near and above the oxygen helium transition. He is part of the Langmuir Probe instrument team on MAVEN, a member of an interdisciplinary science team for NASA’s Global Dynamics Constellation, and the instrument lead on the SWARM-EX CubeSat. Marcin is also a member of SWx TREC’s satellite drag research group as well as the lead of the Vehicle Environment Coupling and Trajectory Response (VECTOR) initiative.

Additional Information

University of Colorado, Boulder, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, Ph.D., 2011
University of Colorado, Boulder, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, M.S., 2008
University of Texas at Austin, Physics, B.S., 2006
University of Texas at Austin, Aerospace Engineering, B.S., 2005