Nathaniel Kerman
Nathaniel Kerman
Nathaniel Kerman



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Data Systems Software Engineer


Nathaniel 'Nat' Kerman is a Software Engineer at LASP who focuses on scientific algorithm development. Through his studies and work, Nat built an expertise in scientific programming, data pipelines, and data correction algorithms. He passionately works at the intersection of science and computer science to enable research to advance quickly and effectively. He currently spends most of his time building the data analysis pipeline for the CLARREO climate observing instrument. Nat works with CLARREO's calibration engineers to develop the pipeline, with CLARREO's software engineers to efficiently implement the pipeline, and as a liaison between the two teams to improve communication, efficiency, and synergy. Nat is also the instructor of record an undergraduate course at CU Boulder, "ASTR3800: Introduction to Scientific Data Analysis and Computing". Nat received his Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics from Yale University (2020).

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Yale University, B.S., 2020