Bob Ergun
Bob Ergun
Bob Ergun




Tenure Track Faculty


Prof. Robert Ergun specializes in space and astrophysical plasmas with applications to Earth's and Jupiter's magnetosphere, Mars' ionosphere, the solar wind, and supernova shells. He has developed or is currently developing space-flight electric field instruments for several NASA missions: the FAST satellite (auroral acceleration region), the Wind satellite (solar wind), the STEREO satellites (solar wind), the THEMIS satellites (Earth's magnetosphere), the Radiation Belt Storm Probes (Earth's radiation belts), the Magnetospheric Multi-Scale satellites (reconnection in Earth's magnetosphere), the MAVEN satellite (Mars atmospheric loss), and the Parker Solar Probe satellite (near-Sun solar wind). Theoretical programs focusing on small-scale plasma phenomena at Earth, Jupiter Mars, and the solar wind including simulation and analytical modeling of magnetic reconnection, electron phase-space holes, parallel electric fields carried by double layers, and turbulence.

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