Sasha Forsyth
Sasha Forsyth
Sasha Forsyth



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Flight Controller


Sasha Forsyth has worked in Mission Operations since 2009, specializing in the implementation and development of OASIS command and control systems. She has worked a wide variety of positions and program phases, including I&T, command and telemetry definition development, pre-launch systems development, configuration management, and commissioning and post-launch phases as a flight controller, planner and flight director. Past and current projects include QuikSCAT, ICESAT, SORCE, AIM, Kepler, MMS, EMM, IXPE, IMAP, MAX Born and raised in the UK, Sasha received her bachelors degree from Durham University before moving to Boulder to complete her masters degree in Aerospace Engineering at CU. Prior to coming to LASP she worked at Ball Aerospace for 11 years in the Systems Operability group.

Additional Information

University of Colorado - Boulder, M.S., 1996
Durham University, UK, B.S., 1994