Sebastian Schmidt
Sebastian Schmidt
Sebastian Schmidt




Tenure Track Faculty


Sebastian Schmidt works on atmospheric remote sensing and radiative energy budget studies from aircraft, space, and the ground. He specializes in spectrally resolved measurements of shortwave radiation, three-dimensional radiative transfer calculations, and the design of instruments and sampling strategies for improving our understanding of the radiative processes in complex scenes. Currently, he and his group are working on spectral retrieval algorithms for cloud-aerosol layers, trace gases, as well as on new hardware for airborne irradiance measurements. He is involved with all aspects of aircraft field experiments from proposal development to conducting field operations. His graduate students participate in instrument and algorithm development and travel to field deployments. Sebastian Schmidt is the lead of Airborne Science within the CU LASP Atmospheric Radiation Group. He also leads the development of a space-borne multi-angle camera subsystem for the NASA Libera mission at LASP.

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