Steven Massie
Steven Massie
Steven Massie



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Research Scientist


Steven got interested in remote sensing of the Earth’s atmosphere as an undergraduate Astronomy major at the University of California, Berkeley. Steven interacted with Harold Johnston, who calculated supersonic transport plane exhaust effects on the Earth’s ozone layer. Steven got his doctorate in 1979 at the University of Colorado, studying thermospheric nitric oxide, under the direction of Charles Barth. A postdoc followed with Donald Hunten at the University of Arizona, publishing papers focused on Venus, Earth, and the Jovian planets. Steven then ventured to the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder. Major satellite programs included the Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite (UARS) and John Gille’s HIRDLS experiment on the AURA satellite. The CLAES experiment on UARS made the first global measurements of Freon gases in the stratosphere. HIRDLS subvisible cirrus measurements were utilized with other data to quantify the expansion rate of the width of the tropics. Steven has been associated with the Orbiting Carbon Observatory since 2011, and he is also a team member of Peter Pilewskie’s Libera experiment.

Additional Information

University of Colorado, Boulder, Ph.D., 1979
University of California, Berkeley , B.A., 1974