Research Experience for Undergraduates

Boulder Solar Alliance REU Program

Summer 2013

Final Presentation Schedule

Wed, July 31                LASP W120

Solar Influence on Atmosphere

1:00-1:30        Kali Roeten

Analysis of Earth Atmospheric Temperature Response to Solar Variability
Abstract | Slides | Poster

1:30-2:00        Katherine Suess

Developing a Proxy Model for Solar EUV Irradiance
Abstract | Slides | Poster

2:00-2:15 break

The Upper Atmosphere

2:15-2:45        Sarah Millholland

Modeling Sudden Stratospheric Warming Events Using the Ionosphere-Plasmasphere‐Electrodynamics (IPE) Model
Abstract | Slides | Poster

2:45-3:15        Mina Khan

Calculating Hemispheric Power and Joule Heating using Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) F-13 data
Abstract | slides | poster

3:15-3:30 break

Space Weather Forecasting

3:30-4:00        Kathryn Ledbetter

Correlating Type II and III Radio Bursts with Solar Energetic Particle Events
Abstract | Slides | Poster

4:00-4:30        Victoria Strait

Early Observable Events in Correlation with Geomagnetic Storms
Abstract | Slides | Poster

Thurs, Aug 1                 HAO 3131

Solar Atmosphere

8:30-9:00        William Cramer

Evidence of Rossby Waves in the Sun
Abstract | Slides | Poster

9:00-9:30        Manuel Marcano

Big Flare Hunting
Abstract | Slides | Poster

9:30-9:45 break


9:45-10:15       Alexander Lanzano

Comparison of Observations on the Sodium Abundance of Mercury’s Exosphere
Abstract | Slides | Poster

10:15-10:45     Tristan Weber

Preparatory analysis of the Europa plasma environment
Abstract | Slides | Poster

10:45-11:15     Scott Siler

Analysis of Variations in the Io Plasma Torus Using Galileo PLS Data
Abstract | Slides | Poster

11:15-11:30 break

The Solar Dynamo

11:30-12:00     Akshaya Suresh

Simulating Cyclic Evolution of Coronal Magnetic Fields using a Potential Field Source Surface Model Coupled with a Dynamo Model
Abstract | Slides | Poster

12:00-12:30     Ryan Horton

Modeling Kinematic Dynamos in 2 and 3D
Abstract | Slides | Poster

12:30-1:45 Lunch


1:45-2:15        Seth Folley

Performance and Verification Testing of an Electrical Power System for a CubeSat
Abstract | Slides | Poster

2:15-2:45        Mara Johnson-Groh

Flattening ChroMag: Flat Fielding Solar Images
Abstract | Slides | Poster

4:45-3:00 break

The Interplanetary Medium

3:00-3:30        Stephanie Wood

Hypervelocity Dust Impacts on the Wind Satellite
Abstract | Slides | Poster

3:30-4:00        Lauren Biddle

Autonomous CME Detection for STEREO Heliospheric Imagers
Abstract | Slides | Poster

Fri, Aug 2                 LASP SPSC Lobby

9:00-12:00       Posters Session

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