Daily Averages

Daily Averages

SEE performs measurements of the Sun for about 3 minutes every orbit (97 minutes) which usually gives 14-15 observation measurements per day. Daily averaged SEE data products contain daily averaged solar irradiance data with corrections applied for degradation, 1-AU, and atmospheric absorption. Flares are removed from daily averages.

  • SEE Level 3 : Primary data product, 1 nm intervals, over 0.5 to 194.5 nm
  • SEE XPS Level 2 : ~7 nm bands for each of the 9 diodes, over 0.1 to 34.0 + Lyman-alpha
  • SEE EGS Level 2 : 0.1 nm intervals, over 27.05 to 194.50 nm

SEE Solar Irradiance Data Format

SEE data is stored in the platform-independent NetCDF format and should be treated as binary data. We recommend using the TIMED-SEE NetCDF procedure read_netcdf.pro which is written in IDL. Detailed instructions are available in the read_netcdf readme file. Non-IDL users should visit the Unidata NetCDF site for readers for other languages.

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