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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

SEE Planning and Scheduling Log

YYYYDOY Description
2002047 Start observations – descending
2002079 SW change in PS for SSPP
2002109 Start observations – ascending
2002172 Start observations – descending
2002231 Start observations – ascending
2002293 Start observations – descending
2005017 Changed ALL experiment times of 210 seconds to 220 seconds to account for EGS throwing out the first two integrations. Also changed the Calibration_Solar template FOV limit from 60 to 70
2005087 Changed Occultation Planning – lowered the tangent ray height from 75 to 50. After looking at the FOV angle of the occultations, those performed during a negative beta angle have a center FOV angle close to 0. Those performed during a positive beta angle have a center FOV angle close to .5. The occ_calc.xls spreadsheet was updated to try to correct the FOV angle during positive beta angles. The experiment time was kept at 90 seconds for occultations during negative beta and changed to 110 seconds for those during positive beta.