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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Download Data

Files available for download

To download uncompressed data files, right-click on the filename and select “Download file.”

For more information on how to use these files, please download either of the SNOE_docs files linked here.

Filename Date Time Size 26-Sep-2004 16:06 138K
SNOE_l3_geo.dat 26-Sep-2004 23:05 41M
SNOE_l3_geo.ncdf 26-Sep-2004 16:04 37M
SNOE_l3_mag.dat 26-Sep-2004 23:04 41M
SNOE_l3_mag.ncdf 26-Sep-2004 16:05 37M
SNOE_l4_geo.dat 26-Sep-2004 19:39 2.4M
SNOE_l4_geo.ncdf 26-Sep-2004 16:05 2.2M
SNOE_l4_mag.dat 26-Sep-2004 19:39 2.4M
SNOE_l4_mag.ncdf 26-Sep-2004 16:05 2.2M
mlt_beta.txt 26-Sep-2004 16:06 51K