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SOLSTICE Level 3 SSI Data File Summary

The SORCE SOLSTICE Solar Spectral Irradiance (SSI) data product is constructed using measurements from the SORCE SOLSTICE instrument, which are merged into daily solar spectra over the spectral intervals shown in table below. The SORCE SSI data products are provided on a fixed wavelength scale, which varies in spectral resolution from 1-27 nm over the entire spectral range. Irradiances are reported at a mean solar distance of 1 AU and zero relative line-of-sight velocity with respect to the Sun.
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Provides precise daily measurements of solar spectral irradiance at ultraviolet wavelengths from 115 nm to 310 nm with a native spectral resolution of approximately 0.1 nm.
SOLSTICE makes daily solar irradiance measurements and compares them to the irradiance from an ensemble of 18 stable early-type stars. This approach provides an accurate monitor of instrument in-flight performance and provides a basis for solar-stellar irradiance comparison for future generations.

Measuring Instrument SOLSTICE (A&B)
Temporal Cadence Daily
Detector Photomultiplier Tubes
Spectral Range 115 – 310 nm
Spectral Res. 1 nm
Accuracy 2 – 6%
Long-Term Repeatability 0.2 – 0.5%/yr
Data Level 3


SOLSTICE Data Product Release Notes