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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Presenter Guidelines

The 2020 Sun-Climate Symposium will be at the Marriott University Park in Tucson, Arizona. We will be meeting in the hotel’s main ballroom, January 27-31, 2020. Early check-in/registration for the meeting will begin at the Welcoming Reception at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 27, Marriott West Foyer. The Sun- Climate Symposium will begin at 8 am on Tuesday, Jan. 28. A continental breakfast buffet will be available each morning starting at 7:15 am. The 2020 Symposium will conclude on Friday, Jan. 31, at 12:00 pm.

Presenter Information

ORAL – An important goal of the Sun-Climate Symposium is to foster interdisciplinary exchanges amongst scientists with quite different backgrounds. For this reason, we very much encourage you to begin your talk with at least a few basic, introductory “tutorial” slides that provide general scientific background and context for the audience. We found that this approach has been very well received at previous meetings.

Presentation equipment includes a computer projector and portable computers (Mac and PC). The projector is a full HD quality (wide-screen) Epson PowerLite 1795F projector. The computers will have the latest versions of PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, and Keynote (for Mac users). There is a USB Port available. There will also be a laser pointer available for your use. There will be one large screen in the meeting room.

Invited speakers will have 20 minutes to present and 5 minutes for discussion, and contributed talks will have 12 minutes to present and 3 minutes for discussion. Since our agenda is tight, it would be extremely helpful to avoid fumbling around with computers during each session if you could get your presentation to the session organizer before the session begins (early morning, breaks, lunch, etc.).

POSTER – Posters can be set-up beginning Monday, Jan. 27, at the time of the Welcoming Reception. They will be on display in their assigned space the entire week, with a special Poster Session/Reception on Wednesday at 4 pm. Posters should be 48” by 48” (1.2 m x 1.2 m). Push pins will be provided.

We look forward to your presentation! If you have any questions, please contact Vanessa George,