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New Horizons goes beyond the known world

January 7, 2019

Complex organics bubble from the depths of Enceladus

July 9, 2018

Student Dust Counter got few “hits” during Pluto flyby

March 18, 2016

Instrument designed by CU Boulder students speeds by Pluto on historic New Horizons mission

July 14, 2015

CU Boulder Students, Faculty Primed for July 14 Pluto Encounter

July 10, 2015

LASP brings New Horizons science to rural Colorado communities

March 4, 2015

LASP-built instrument on New Horizons readies for Pluto encounter

December 3, 2014

LASP instrument aboard NASA lunar mission set to impact moon

April 3, 2014

Students use Student Dust Counter data to improve understanding of space dust

January 9, 2012

New video features Student Dust Counter and team members

May 9, 2011

LASP student recognized for contributions to New Horizons mission

January 19, 2011

Student-built space-science instrument breaks distance record; new results published

October 11, 2010

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