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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Key Parameters

Note: The Original TIMAS (K0) key parameters are available only until December 8, 1998. On this day a high voltage discharge resulted in damage that significantly changed the sensitivity of the instrument.

We were able to find stable operating parameters and return to normal operations on June 7, 1999. Reduced sensitivity, especially at low energies, unfortunately invalidated the assumptions on which the original TIMAS Key Parameters were based.

24 hour summary spectrograms of TIMAS data after June 7, 1999 are available at the URL:

TIMAS K1 parameters have been produced for all intervals after
the high voltage breakdown for which usable TIMAS data are available.

W.K. Peterson 7/1/02

Also See the Overview of TIMAS Key Parameters.

Version 2 of TIMAS KPGS certified 12/20/96

Version 2 of the software includes all of the corrections to the the level zero processing as of 11/96. A fraction of cusp/boundary layer passes return densities and other TIMAS key parameters that have systematic errors that have not been corrected for. (See the known problems link below).
Version 2 parameters are being distributed on CD ROMS.

Parameters generated by Version 1 include significant intervals where the values are incorrect. Version 1 parameters HAVE NOT been distributed on CD ROMS. Click here for a list of Intervals with INVALID data.
Invalid data intervals are exlcuded from KPGS files created by the version 2 software.

Prepared by Bill Peterson

Updated 08/10/2005 by Daryl Carr