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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Key Parameter Definitions and Known Problems

  • Parameters
  • Temporal Resolution (One Minute)
  • Algorithms:
    Timas key parameters are derived from moments calculated from one minute averages of the LRDF data products. The various types of timas data products are descibed in detail in the instrument paper and a summary table of data products
  • Uncorrected for:
    NOTE: Look in the associated sfdu file for the version number of the TIMAS KPGS code that generated the particular KP CDF file from which TIMAS KP’s were obtained.
    • Version 1: NOT on CDROM
      This version was run until 12/10/96. It had many shortcomings.
    • Version 2:
      • In a sub-set (~ 30%) of cusp/boundary layer crossings the TIMAS count rate becomes signifcantly larger than anticipated. The result of this is an under estimate of the H+ density; an over estimate of the density of minor ions; and distortions to the velocities and temperatures returned from these intervals.<
      • Preliminary matrices have been used for background subtraction. The background subtraction algorithm will have to be updated for more accurate low density (i.e. <~ 0.050 cm^3 ) data.
      • not a problem but a feature of the TIMAS KP’s are the quality flags. All users of the TIMAS KP’s should fully understand the quality flags.

Prepared by Bill Peterson

Updated 08/09/2005 by Daryl Carr