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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


Available Data Summary

Data ProductInstr.Time CadenceSpectral CoverageSpectral ResolutionLevelVer.Data InfoFull Mission Data Download FilesInteractive AccessFile Readers (Listed by Language)
Total Solar Irradiance (TSI)TIMDailyAllN/A34?TSIS TSI L3 c24h latest (.txt)TSIS TSI on LISIRDIDL
TIM6-HourlyAllN/A34?TSIS TSI L3 c06h latest (txt) IDL
Spectral Solar Irradiance (SSI)SIMDaily200-2400nmVaries 1-34nm312?
TSIS SIM latest (zipped txt)TSIS SIM latest (IDL zipped)
SIM12-Hourly200-2400nmVaries 1-34nm312?
TSIS SIM latest (zipped txt)TSIS SIM latest (IDL zipped)
  Text file (ASCII)
  Zipped text file
  Zipped IDL save file
  netCDF File

Reading Data Files

The following reader is available for the data files in the table above:

Quick Overview

The TSIS instrument suite produces two primary data products: Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) and Solar Spectral Irradiance (SSI) from 200 nm to 2400 nm. TSI data products are formulated using measurements made by the TSIS TIM instrument, and are available in both daily average and 6-hourly average formats. The SSI data product is comprised of measurements made by the TSIS SIM from 200-2400 nm.

TSIS data products are available for public access. TSIS data may be accessed from three different locations:





TSIS Web SitePrimaryThis web page (table above)Full product documentation and direct downloads
LISIRD Web SiteAlternate irradiance data from TSIS and other missions via interactive tools and common interfaces
GES DISCArchive Level 0 and science products

Refinement of data processing algorithms and some on-orbit characterization of the TSIS instruments continue. Please read the release notes on the TSI and the SSI web pages for detailed quality information about the products you may be interested in.

Data Product Characteristics

CoverageFull Solar diskFull Solar disk
Temporal Characteristics6-Hourly and Daily12-Hourly Daily
Spectral CoverageAll wavelengths200-2400 nm
Spectral ResolutionTotal Solar IrradianceInstrument and wavelength dependent, 34 nm for SIM at 2000 nm
Key Geophysical ParametersTotal Solar IrradianceIncoming Solar Irradiance
Absolute Accuracy (Relative Standard Uncertainty, 1 sigma)0.01% (100 parts per million)Varies per spectral region, Please see TSIS Instrument Overview for measurement objectives and the SSI web page for current status.
Relative Accuracy0.001% (10 ppm) per yearVaries with spectral region, Please see TSIS Instrument Overview for measurement objectives and the SSI web page for current status.

Science Data Processing

The TSIS Science Data System (SDS) performs all science data production activities. It consists of the hardware and software components necessary to generate, manage, and distribute all TSIS standard science data products. The TSIS SDS routinely produces total solar irradiance and solar spectral irradiance data products on a daily basis. The Science Data System utilizes raw spacecraft and instrument telemetry, routinely-maintained calibration data, and other ancillary information to produce and distribute a variety of data products that have been corrected for all known instrumental and operational effects.

Data processing is performed automatically with the production of data through Level 3 two to fourteen days after the data has been downlinked from the spacecraft, allowing for telemetry retransmissions and, in the case of SSI, time to collect complete spectral scans. TSI and SSI data products are made available to the public immediately after they are produced by the data processing system, following automated quality checks.

The data products are available by direct download or interactive access on the LISIRD Interactive Data Access web site, and are formally delivered to the GES DISC on a daily basis for long-term archival. Dissemination of TSIS data products via the TSIS website at LASP enhances convenience for users as data access methods are tailored to those most functional for retrieving TSIS solar irradiance data. The TSIS project at LASP indexes and maintains a full archive of data products, making possible various and flexible data access interfaces that are intended to provide added convenience to end-users. Configuration management of data is built into the TSIS data system, owing to integration of the TSIS data processing and dissemination components.