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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

CSSWE Milestone: 2x Mission Lifetime

July 23, 2013

Today, July 23rd 2013, marks the 180th day of CSSWE science operations!

Since reestablishing contact with CSSWE on June 18th, after 103 days of communication blackout, CSSWE is again taking valuable measurements of energetic particles in near-Earth space.  The mission goal was 90 days of science operations, a goal achieved on January 3rd, 2013.  The loss-of-contact on March 7th left CSSWE with just under a month of science operations to reach the 2x milestone.  However, since returning in ‘Phoenix Mode’, CSSWE has tallied up enough days to take science measurements for twice as long as expected.

With CSSWE currently still taking data, stay tuned for the 3x mission lifetime milestone in October!

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