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Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions

Issue: Google Earth/Mars Crashes.
Solution: Only turn on a few orbits at a time. Only turn on the quick look feature for one orbit at a time. Turn off quick look after using it.

Issue: Large X’s Appear.
Solution: The computer is being overloaded. You need to quit Google Earth and start over. Select Menu item View then Explore then Mars. MM71 should appear in the sidebar.

Issue: I see Earth not Mars.
Solution: Manually change to Mars by selecting item View then Explore then Mars.

Issue: I don’t see any footprints or mini-balloons.
Solution: Make sure to turn the features you want to see by selecting the checkbox in the left sidebar Places section of the window.

Issue: Checkboxes are on, but I still don’t see anything.
Solution: Make sure the time slider is positioned so that the time of the footprints is covered.

Issue: The footprints do not appear on the mars image.
Solution: Colorized terrain does not show footprints.  Select “Visible Imagery” under Layers>Global Maps>Visible Imagery

Issue: The MM71 checkboxes in the left sidebar show a red dot.
Solution: The red dot means that the internet connection to the data files has been interrupted. Check that your computer is connected to the internet. Close Google Earth.  Reopen Google Earth, switch to Google Mars, Double-click on the MM71.kml file.