Title: On the challenges of measuring energetic particles in the inner belt: A Geant4 simulation of an energetic particle detector instrument, REPTile-2.

Authors: Khoo, L.-Y., Li, X., Selesnick, R. S., Schiller, Q., Zhang, K., Zhao, H., et al.

Published: 2022. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 127, e2021JA030249.


Title: Two Generations of CubeSat Missions (CSSWE and CIRBE) to Take on the Challenges of Measuring Relativistic Electrons in the Earth’s Magnetosphere

Authors: X. Li, R. Kohnert, S. Palo, R. Selesnick, E. Bauch, S. Boyajian, and J. Cantilina

Published: 2022. Small Satellite Conference



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