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Presentation Date

NSF's Data Conservancy, a "A Blueprint for Research Libraries."

Ruth Duerr


Panel discussion on peer review of data with publication and citation

Anne Wilson, Mark Parsons


Overviews of other organizations




Web plotting and web services




NCAR Cubesphere




CF conventions and multi-tile data




Standards and interoperability

Someone from UNIDATA (Mohan)



science data requirements for developers

Siri Jodha







Modeling scientific data




Practical Semantic Web




International Metadata and File Format Standards

Panel with Michael B., Siri Jodha, and Ted (Steve A.)



Moving beyond files and filessystems




Organizing people and groups




Developing standards for data validation through software with provenance




Distributed workflow and scheduling for data processing




Management of large datasets

Gary Strand



User support for data managers

Gary Strand



Content Management with RAMADA




Report on INSPIRE workshop

Siri Jodha



Data formats: the good, bad and ugly




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  1. Suggested topics that the panel on international standards might address:

    How Standards Come to Be (and how you can get involved)

    What Determines a Successful Standard? (community uptake)