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At the launch meeting I presented these slides, Anne's BESSIG Launch slides, and proposed these questions:

What should this group be?  What should this group do?  What goals should we pursue?  What are the next steps?  Who is willing to organize a "project"?

Here are notes from that discussion.

What should this group be?

A resource for the next generation of data users, students in using and especially creating data

A resource for people who want help managing their data

How do we trust the data? How do we preserve the value of the data?  Can we identify standards for trustworthy datasets?  What about peer review of data?  Can we describe best practices for evaluation of datasets?

What should this group do?

Meet again

Work with students

Identify what brings us together, group goals, common challenges that are hard to tackle alone

Provide feedback to questions

Provide technical seminars

Provde mentorship

Aid and support tool sharing, reuse, help

Meet people with similar interests

Support collaborations

Share problems, failures, technical ideas

Have a presence with CU

Create a network diagram of datasets used, identify "foundational" dataets, i.e., those with high connectivity and which are highly influential

Create similar network diagrams for access tools, methods

Student poster session where students present how they are using NetCDF for purpose of feedback

What goals should we pursue?

Bring in guest speakers, especially scientists and data users

Provide relevant projects for students

Identify principles, best practices of computation data management, which could possibly be course material

Create a cookbook: BESSIE's How to Cook with Data

What are the next steps?

Solicit ideas for next and future meetings

Who is willing to organize a "project"?

Russ (according to Don)

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