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Dear BESSIG folks:

I'm looking for tools to organize the data processing for
an atmospheric research instrument: perhaps a "batch
queue manager", "resource manager" or "scientific
workflow system."

One recommendation has been:

  • the Maui scheduler, which runs on the
  • Torque resource manager, a fork of the
  • Portable Batch Manager (PBM)

There was also a recommendation for "gridengine".

Do you have thoughts or personal experience with this
or any competing systems?

We have four Linux boxes--dual quad-core Xeon systems
running Scientific Linux. The team is small: a few
developers and scientists.

We use cron and Perl scripts to launch the jobs today.
This works for us, but the CPU utilization is not as
high as I would like and the system is hard to understand
and manage. The system is big enough that is has grown
complex, but this is not what I would call high-performance

There ought to be a better way. This is a well-studied
problem and I expect there are some standard solutions.


  • cheap/free
  • relatively simple to install and experiment with; we
    cannot afford to make this a large project
  • scheduling based on priority and resource availability:
  • CPUs
  • memory
  • ability to monitor and manage the queue
  • distribute jobs to multiple compute servers
  • command-line interface for ease of integration
  • modular/light-weight enough to be adapted to our existing

I'd be grateful for any comments or suggestions.

-------Vince Dean
SIPS Operations Manager - HIRDLS Project
Data Manager - MOPITT Project
National Center for Atmospheric Research
3090 Center Green Drive., Boulder, CO 80307
Phone: +1 303-497-8077

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