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Action Items from 1 st. Solar EUV Irradiance Inter-Calibration and Validation Workshop

  1. ISSI Proposal Effort
    1. Every team will select a representative to work on the proposal team.  Send contact information to Frank by Nov. 7
    2. Frank will schedule a Skype telecon to start coordinating the proposal process before the end of November.
  2. Broadband Comparison Effort
    1. Tom will send out a template by Oct 31 for collecting information about instruments and every team will respond Nov 30.
    2. Tom will come up with reference spectra (0-300 nm, 0.1 nm res., min, max, X7 flare) for teams to use in processing their broadband measurements by Nov. 11
    3. Every team will provide ascii files and plots of their un-degraded spectral responses by Nov. 11, and  those responses multiplied by the reference spectra, and determinations of how much signal is coming from what bandpasses for each channel and each reference spectrum, what are 1%, 2%, and 5% contribution levels by Dec. 16.
    4. Every team will determine irradiances in specified bands (?) using the reference spectra by Dec 16.
    5. Schedule a telecon sometime in early 2012 to go over results.
  3. SolACES and LASP Comparison Effort
    1. SolACES will provide high resolution spectra to LASP by Nov. 11
    2. SolACES and LASP will share observation times with MEGS-B to look for overlaps with SolACES observations in the past by Nov. 11.
    3. SolACES and LASP will coordinate a campaign to exactly overlap MEGS-B measurements with SolACES measurements in the future
    4. LASP will provide MEGS-XPS composite spectra for SolACES calibration times (need to get those times) by Nov 11
    5. SolACES will give LASP the lines they use for their wavelength scale  by Nov 11 and both teams will calculate irradiances for those lines from their measurements by Nov 28.
    6. LASP and SolACES will have a telecon on Wed. November 30, 2011 at 8:00 am Mountain Time (4:00 pm Central European Time) to go discuss comparisons
  4. Flare Campaigns
    1. Phil will provide statistics on flare occurrences during past MEGS-B 3-hour and 24-hour campaigns by Nov 11.
    2. Create a new mailing list for irradiance campaign announcements.  Andrew and Don will work out the details by Nov. 30.
  5. TIGER Symposium at COSPAR2012 (July in Mysore, India)
    1. Organizing committee needs to get on it!
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