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The Boulder Earth and Space Science Informatics Group is intended to benefit and be sustained by its members.  

What would you like to get from the BESSIG?   How would you like to participate?  What are you able to contribute?  What do you see as the goals of the group?  Towards those ends, how would you like to see it organized?

This group could be informal gatherings of people that go out to lunch on occasion or meet for an FAC.   Or we could hold scheduled meetings with speakers.  Or we could just meet once, eat dinner, and call it good.  

At our launch meeting we'll gauge interest and discuss possibilities.   Please feel free to add your thoughts here about this topic.

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  1. We're lucky here in Boulder to be among so many smart, talented people doing interesting and valuable things with scientific data.   Getting people together is valuable because you just never know what cross fertilization of ideas might bring.

    Thanks to LASP, we have a web site and a meeting location.   Thanks to the Foundation for Earth Science, we have some food for our launch meeting.  My personal goal is to facilitate this group by providing some infrastructure.   My hope is that these resources will provide fertile ground for something good to emerge.

  2. I think it would be great to have speakers organized.  There's a lot of expertise around the Boulder area, so it would be good to tap into that for speakers.

    I think lunches are of limited use.  They tend to be social rather than technical.  But, networking as part of a talk/technical/business meeting would be valuable.

    I think the most valuable outcome would be for everyone to inform everyone else involved about what they know and what they do.  I want to discover who is interested in what I'm interested in and works in the same area that I do.  It goes beyond the scientific discipline, because there are similar efforts in different disciplines and I might be unlikely to learn of them when I don't go to the same meetings as they do.