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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

MinXSS-1 v2.0.0 data archive released

June 5, 2020

The MinXSS-1 version 2.0.0 data products are now publicly available. The links on our website have been updated (IDL saveset format) and the archive is now also available from the NASA Space Physics Data Facility archive (netCDF3 format). The code on GitHub has also formalized the release, so you can see the code that was used to generate each level of the data products.

We’ve also included a MinXSS-1 CubeSat Data User Guide to the repository, which shows the same content as our “How to Load and Plot Data” page but using markdown for much nicer formatting.

Finally, we’ve also implemented a formal change log on the repository, so you can see the notable changes for this release and all future releases as we make them. And of course, we invite you to contribute to the code and analysis of the data. Contact the team if you need help getting started or working through details.