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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


LASP Employee E-Mail:

Principal Investigator

Dr. Thomas N. Woods (Biography, Video Interview )
Associate Director of LASP, LASP/CU (303) 492-4224

Science Team

Gary J. Rottman (Biography, Video Interview)
Research Associate, LASP/CU (303) 492-8324
Jerald W. Harder (Biography, Video Interview)
Research Associate/SORCE Program Scientist, LASP/CU (303) 492-1891
Greg Kopp (Biography, Video Interview)
Research Associate, LASP/CU (303) 735-0934
George M. Lawrence (Biography, Video Interview)
Research Associate, LASP/CU
Judith Lean (Biography)
Scientist, NRL (202) 767-5116
William E. McClintock (Biography, Video Interview)
Research Associate, LASP/CU (303) 492-8407
Peter Pilewskie (Biography)
Associate Professor, LASP and PAOS/CU (303) 492-5724
Erik Richard (Biography)
Research Associate, LASP (303) 735-6629
Martin Snow (Biography)
Research Associate, LASP (303) 735-2143
Oran R. White (Biography)
Research Associate, LASP/CU

NASA SORCE Management

Dr. Dong Wu
SORCE Project Scientist, GSFC (301) 614-5784
Dr. Robert Cahalan (Biography)
Dr. Doug Rabin (Biography)
SORCE Deputy Project Scienctist, GSFC (301) 286-5682
Dr. David Considine
NASA Headquarters (202) 358-2277

SORCE Program Management and Operations

Sean Ryan
SORCE Program Manager, SORCE Mission Operations Manager, LASP (303) 735-0146
Tom Sparn (Biography, Video Interview)
SORCE Program Manager, LASP (303) 492-2475
Brian Boyle (Biography)
Spacecraft Systems Engineer, LASP (303) 492-1884
Stéphane Béland
Ground S/W Engineer/Analyst, LASP (303) 492-3657
Vanessa George (Biography)
Research Coordinator, LASP (303) 492-5486
Ken Griest
Planning/Scheduling S/W Engineer, LASP (303) 492-5486
Barry Knapp (Biography)
Ground S/W Engineer/Analyst, LASP (303) 492-8970
Rick Kohnert (Biography)
Lead Systems Engineer, LASP (303) 492-6804
Doug Lindholm (Biography)
Ground S/W Engineer/Analyst, LASP (303) 735-1127
Deb McCabe
Flight Director, LASP (303) 735-5713
Christopher Pankratz (Biography)
Science Operations Manager, LASP (303) 492-0696
Blake Vanier
Ground S/W Engineer/Analyst, LASP (303) 492-8185