Comparison of CDAWeb and PAPCO DISPLAYS
TIMAS High Resolution DATA

Example Interval 4/29/98 through 5/9/98

The TIMAS High Resolution Data format contains several data quality flags that
are NOT used by the CDAWeb software but are available as options
in the PAPCO displays.  These data quality flags are described on the TIMAS/PAPCO pages and references to the appropriate flags are lined to below.

The high resolution data files contain data where

These differences are indicated by data quality flags in the TIMAS high resolution data file as described in the cdf skeleton table included with each data file  
Sample PAPCO and CDAWeb Spectrograms for the interval 18:00 to 18:15 on April 30, 1998  
Prepared by W.K. Peterson
Last updated 09/12/2005 by Daryl Carr