The TIMAS PAPCO Module 11/13/2001: Version 1.4
Available now from the lasp server

_v03 Data files are now available and should be used
Descriptions of the file format

_v01 data files overstate He++ fluxes, and return fill data in regions of high count rate.
_v02 Data files provide more accurate He++ fluxes. BUT there is a software error in the file generation software that leads to UNDER REPORTING the fluxes in regions of high count rate. High count rates are found in the radiation belts (primarily backbround) and in the cusp. Data from _V02 files should not be used for quantitaive investigations of cusp fluxes.
_v03 Data files have been regenerated with corrected software.

Version 3 files are available now (6/3/02) from the PI team and will be submitted shortly to NASA's CDAWeb site at Goddard. _v03 files will be available for all intervals with valid TIMAS data from March 17, 1996 to December 8, 1998 from CDAWeb


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Archive of data files

Overview  (See the large file Contents of the TIMAS High Resolution Data Files for more information.)

Source code and input data files

Known Problems with _v01 data files

Improvements available in _v02 data files

Known Problems with the (1.3) release

Known Problems with the (1.2) release

Known Problems with the (1.1) release

  • The TIMAS module does not support remote data access.

  • Input data files will be archived and distributed on-line and by CDROM when files are available from the PWG Project 

  • 24 hour SPECTROGRAMS of existing data files are available at our lasp website.

  • If there is no plot for the day you are interested in. We have not yet produced the PAPCO data file.

    Input data files for the TIMAS PAPCO module are available for 24 hour UT day intervals for selected days from several sources

  • Requests for production of TIMAS data in PAPCO format not available from NSSDC or the POLAR/CHDF should be directed to W.K. Peterson Please indcate why you are interested in the TIMAS data.
  • PAPCO software, including the TIMAS module, is available from the PAPCO and HYDRA sites noted below

  • Instructions on how to set up PAPCO to run at Palo Alto 
  • Related Sites

    Prepared by Bill Peterson April 1998
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