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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Toon Group 2004

Front row from left: Jen Heldmann (graduated 2003-now at NASA Ames); Lansing Madry (graduated 2010 – now in Medical School); Teresa Segura (graduated 2005-Space Systems Loral); Kevin McGouldrick (graduated 2007-now at LASP); Elinor Newman (graduated MS-2004); Brandy Gamblin (graduated 2005);Feng Tian (graduated 2005- now at Tsinghua University) .

Second row from left: Mike Mills (Postdoc-now at NCAR), Matt Trebella (graduated MS 2005 now at Lupine Medical); Brian; Jamison Smith (postdoc ); Erika Barth (graduated 2004-now at SWRI); Peter Colarco (graduated 2002-now at NASA Goddard).