EVE Version 2 Data Released

published February 17, 2011

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Version 2 EVE data products were released on February 17, 2011 and are available for download. This release replaces version 1 as the primary product set, and users of version 1 are strongly encouraged to use version 2. Version 2 includes numerous enhancements, including an increase of the upper spectral wavelength range from 37 nm up to 65 nm, and first degradation estimates. Additional information is in the product release notes.

Product Overview:

  • Level 1 ESP – This product has the 4 Hz ESP photometer measurements.
  • Level 2 – There are 2 level 2 products, EVS… is the spectrum, EVL… are the lines, bands, and photometer data at the same 10-second cadence as the spectra.
  • Level 3 – Daily averaged spectra, lines, bands, and photometer measurements.
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