EVE Flare Catalog Update

published March 16, 2015

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The EVE Flare Catalog was originally developed by Rachel Hock as part of her PhD dissertation work concerning the flare observations from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). This flare catalog is designed to simplify the task of finding appropriate flare data during the SDO mission and highlights important flare characteristics from EVE solar EUV irradiance observations and also provides a movie for each flare that includes AIA images and EVE time series.

The EVE Flare Catalog web site is:

This on-line flare catalog allows one to list all of the GOES X-ray flares in a month that are C1 or larger or to list all M or X class flares during the SDO mission. In each row, the flare date, time, class, and EVE channels that observed the flare are listed, along with a couple links to data. The Data link points to data and movies that can be downloaded for each flare event. The Movie link loads the EVE Monthly Movie during the time of the selected flare. The documentation available at the EVE Flare Catalog web site includes Rachel Hock’s dissertation chapter 4 that provides details of this flare catalog and also a User Guide for browsing the flare catalog web site.

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