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When LASP creates a web account for you, you will receive an email message from the LASP Web Identity and Access Management (WebIAM) system.  Below are the steps for activating your new account. 

How to Activate Your LASP Web Account 

  1. Check your email (and spam folder) for an invitation email message. This email will include your account name/username, and a link for account activation. The subject line will be "LASP WebIAM User Activation Invitation."
    Note: if you can't find the email message, please browse directly to the Account Activation Page.

  2. On the account activation page, please enter your first name, last name, and username, and click “Activate.”

  3. You will receive a second email message containing an account activation code. The subject line will be "LASP WebIAM Account Verification" and it will originate from sender "".

  4. You may click the link in the email message, or navigate to the activation web page and copy/paste the code from the email message. Select "Check Code."

  5. The system will confirm that your account has been successfully activated. You will also receive an email message confirming your new account.

  6. Select "Continue." The system will display a "Change Password" page. Enter your password (twice) and select "Change Password."

  7. After a moment, the system displays a confirmation message. Select "Continue."

  8. Next, you will configure your password recovery questions and answers. Create your questions and select "Save Responses." (You will have an opportunity to confirm or change these settings.)

  9. The system displays your questions and and answers. If they look correct, select "Confirm Responses." Otherwise select "Go Back" to return to the previous page and edit your settings.

  10. Once confirmed, the system indicates that it has saved your questions and answers. Select "Continue" to proceed.

  11. The process is now complete, and you may login to your LASP account. Enter your username and password. The system will take you to an "account maintenance" page, where you can update your password and security questions.

  12. If you wish, you can navigate to the LASP Account Confirmation page to verify your account. 


If you have trouble activating your account, please contact your LASP project representative for assistance.