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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


The far-ultraviolet (FUV; 912-1700~Ang) radiation field from accreting central stars in Classical T Tauri systems (CTTS) influences the disk chemistry during the period of giant planet formation. The FUV field may also play a critical role in determining the evolution of the inner disk (r < 10 AU), from a gas- and dust-rich primordial disk to a transitional system where the optically thick warm dust distribution has been depleted. The total and component level high-resolution radiation fields FUV radiation fields of 16 T Tauri stars whose dust disks display a range of evolutionary states are made publicly available in machine-readable format on this site. We include reconstructed Ly-alpha line profiles and remove atomic and molecular disk emission (from H2 and CO fluorescence) to provide robust measurements of both the FUV continuum and hot gas lines (e.g., Ly-alpha, NV, CIV, HeII).

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