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[ Chautauqua website ], [ Chautauqua walking tour ], [ Chautauqua Hiking Map PDF ].

Slides about the Buff Bus Route and Dinner: BusRoute2

Wednesday Excursion to Chautauqua and Conference Dinner.

The historic Colorado Chautauqua sits at the base of the Flat Irons, with many trails on to the mountain. And our Conference Dinner is also at the Chautauqua Dining Hall.

We have a single CU ‘Buff Bus’ that will initially pick up from the conference building at 2pm (and will NEVER return) and stop at Williams Village (the CU accommodation), the Buff Bus Stop on Colorado Ave (a few minutes walk from the Biotech building), the Millennium hotel, Chautauqua, back to Williams Village and then loop this route (not Biotech) from 2pm until 9-ish pm. The bus is likely be 20 minutes per loop depending on time of day. (See BusRoute2 pdf linked above for route and stops!)

The Buff bus will have “MOP” displayed on it – don’t get on the wrong bus!

Your conference badge is your ticket for the bus. Conference guests are also welcome to use the bus – as long as one of you has a conference badge you’ll get on.

Those who are going to the Banquet can use the same bus to get to and from Chautauqua.

The bus will just loop the route, e.g. you may use the bus to return to your hotel, drop off your bag, then get a later bus to Chautauqua – or just stay on that first bus.

If you do plan a little (or long) hike starting at Chautauqua, be sure to take water and sunscreen!

This is the current plan – but will update you during the conference with the latest schedule for the bus and bus route.