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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Jupiter's magnetosphere
This graphic represents the complexity and enormous magnitude of Jupiter’s magnetosphere. (Courtesy Fran Bagenal and Steve Bartlett)

Who are we?

The LASP Magnetospheres of the Outer* Planets group studies magnetospheric phenomena of the outer solar system at the University of Colorado Boulder. The Group

See the MOP conference page for a list of conferences of the international MOP community.

What is a magnetosphere?

A planetary magnetosphere is the region where the planetary magnetic field dominates over the solar wind. This region is defined at the boundary of where the solar wind pressure is balanced with the planetary magnetic field and internal plasma pressure.  Why study magnetospheres?

Through computer modeling and data analysis of satellite missions, the MOP group seeks to better understand the electromagnetic processes that dominate space surrounding the outer planets. Electromagnetic processes that occur in these regions cause phenomena such as aurora, emission of energetic particles, and inflation/distortion of magnetic fields. Data that the group analyzes comes from robotic missions that have visited the outer solar system (Pioneer, Voyager, Galileo, and Cassini). And plan for future mission – such as Juno.

* OK, to be a bit more inclusive, we stretch to Magnetospheres Of Planets

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