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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Planetary Magnetospheres

Comparative papers on the magnetospheres of the planets across the solar system

Bagenal 1985 – Planetary Magnetospheres in Solar System Magnetic Fields (Ed. E.R. Priest) Geophysics & Astrophysics Monographs, D. Reidel publishing – from the 1984 Summer School at Imperial College

Bagenal 1992 – Planetary Magnetospheres in Annual Reviews of Earth & Planetary Science, vol. 20, pp.289-328

Cravens 1997 – Chapter 8 of Physics of Solar System Plasmas, CUP, pp 436-457

PlanetaryTorus, Plasma, Plasma Waves – 1999- sections by Renee Prange, Fran Bagenal, Don Gurnett in Encyclopedia of Planetary Sciences (Eds. Shirley, Fairbridge) published by Chapman & Hall

VanAllen&Bagenal – 1999 – Chapter 4: Planetary Magnetospheres and the Interplanetary Medium in The New Solar System (Eds. Beatty, Collins Petersen, Chaikin) Cambridge University Press

Kivelson 2007– in Handbook of the Solar-Terrestrial Environment (Eds. Y. Kamide, A. Chian) Springer-Verlag

Heliophysics I: Plasma physics of the local cosmos 2009 – (Eds. Schrijver & Siscoe) C.U.P.
Ch 10 – Fundamentals of planetary magnetospheres – Vytenis Vasyliunas
Ch 13 – Comparative planetary environments – Fran Bagenal

Heliophysics II: Space Storms and Radiation – Causes and Effects – 2010 – (Eds. C.J. Schrijver & G.L. Siscoe) published by Cambridge University Press
Chapter 10 – Energy conversion in planetary magnetospheres (V. Vasyliūnas)

Heliophysics III: Evolving Solar Activity and the Climates of Space and Earth – 2010 – (Eds. C.J. Schrijver & G.L. Siscoe) published by Cambridge University Press
Chapter 7 – Planetary fields and dynamos (U. Christensen)

Keiling – 2012 – Auroral Phenomenology and Magnetospheric Processes: Earth and Other PlanetsGeophysical Monograph Series 197 – AGU

Bagenal 2013 – Planetary Magnetospheres in Planets, Stars and Stellar Systems. Volume 3: Solar and Stellar Planetary Systems, (Eds. T.D. Oswalt, L. French, P. Kalas)  Springer

Kivelson & Bagenal  -2014 – Planetary Magnetospheres- in Encyclopedia of the Solar System – (Eds. Spohn, Breuer, Johnson)

Magnetodiscs and Aurorae of Giant Planets – 2015 special issue of Space Science Reviews from ISSI workshop

Heliophysics IV: Active Stars, their Astrospheres, and Impacts on Planetary Environments – 2016 – (Eds. C.J. Schrijver, F. Bagenal, G.L. Siscoe) published by Cambridge University Press