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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


Data Download Locations

Several SOLSTICE science products were produced on a daily basis at the UARS Central Data Handling Facility at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This was accomplished with a suite of software that reduced the raw science and engineering telemetry stream from the UARS spacecraft to the final, calibrated and cataloged science products.

The primary SOLSTICE science product is a daily mean solar UV spectrum, covering roughly 115 nm to 425 nm with a resolution of 1 nm, given the Solar irradiance in units of W/m3, at a distance of 1 AU. The final calibration required for this product is the detector degradation calibration, which is essentially an exponential decay model of the observations of several selected wavelengths of a few bright UV stars which we assume to be constant. These data are contained in what were referred to as “level 3BS” data products, and are available via the locations listed above.

In addition the primary daily mean spectra, several special products are also available to investigators and to the public. These include:

  • Daily 279.6nm Mg-II emission core/wing ratio (which, being a ratio, is free of degradation calibration)
  • Daily 121.6nm Lyman-α emission, derived by integrating a Gaussian fit to the emission profile
  • Typical high resolution (0.2 nm) solar UV spectra, from periods of high, medium, and low solar activity
  • Special observations, such as comet spectra—Comet Hale-Bopp UV spectra will be available

All of these special products are available from SOLSTICE’s own ftp site.