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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Mission Calendar

From this page you can download a history of UARS and SOLSTICE spacecraft events, which may be useful in interpreting the science data.


The file is in a plaintext format, in 6 columns.

Column 1—UARS Day:
Number of days since UARS launched on 12 September 1991
Column 2—M/D/Y:
Date, where M-month, D-day, and Y-year
Column 3—DOY:
Day of year, number of days from the new year
Column 4—Orbit Number:
Number of orbits since launch
Column 5—Solar β:
Angle between the orbit plane and sun vector. The sign of the angle implies flight direction.
Column 6—Comment:
Describes special activities or unique mission events for both instrument and spacecraft.

» Download calendar of UARS and SOLSTICE events