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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Science Operations

LASP also operates the Science Operations Center (SOC) for experiment planning, science data processing, and distribution of the finished data product. Within 48 hours of data capture, the SOC processes all science data with the associated instrument and spacecraft engineering data to derive Level 3 science data products in standard geophysical units (W/m2 or W/m2/nm). The Level 3 data consists of daily average solar irradiances, with higher time resolution data available to meet secondary science objectives, such as studying the passage of faculae and sunspots across the visible surface of the Sun.


SORCE produces two principal scientific data products: Total Solar Irradiance (TSI) data and Solar Spectral Irradiance data. The TSI data products provide a measure of the absolute intensity of solar radiation, integrated over the entire solar irradiance spectrum. To construct this product, measurements from the TIM instrument are combined to produce representative daily and 6-hourly values of the TSI. The SOLSTICE, SIM, and XPS measurements are separately combined into merged daily average solar irradiance spectra, each containing representative irradiances reported from approximately 0.1 to 40nm and 115 to 2400 nm.
Data processing is performed automatically with the production of data through Level 3 commencing 2-5 days after the time of data reception from the spacecraft, allowing for telemetry re-transmissions and receipt of definitive spacecraft orbital ephemerides from NORAD. TSI and SSI data products are made available to the public immediately after they are produced by the data processing system, following automated quality checks. Data products are available via direct download or interactive access via the LASP Interactive Solar Irradiance Datacenter (LISIRD).

SORCE science data processing workflow

SORCE science data processing workflow