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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics


This project requires you to use the Internet/WWW as a research tool to learn as much as you can about the solar wind. The space physics information you locate will be used to create reports, pictures, diagrams, posters, and models that you will use to teach others about the solar wind. Each of the twelve, step-by-step assignments must be finished in order to complete your project. You are awarded points for each step based on the quality of your product, timeliness, and the completion of all the requirements for that step.

Internet\WWW resources will provide the primary resource materials for your solar wind research, but supplemental materials: books, journals, news-media, and multi-media resources, may also be used. The steps are designed to be completed in sequence so as to reinforce and link individual concepts. All text materials must be typed. STEP 12, your Solar Wind Learning Center, is where you will display all of your creations. Completion dates for each step will be established by your Solar Wind Project Mentor (your teacher, parent, older relative, etc.) according to the Project Timeline and Schedule.

The following questions will help you investigate the solar wind as it relates ourselves and our environment. Your Solar Wind Project should supply the answers to these and other questions about the solar wind:

  • Where does the solar wind occur?
  • What causes the solar wind?
  • How does the solar wind vary with time?
  • How does the solar wind affect the earth?
  • How do solar flares affect the earth’s aurora?
  • How does the intensity of the solar wind vary?

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