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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Operational Details

Timas became operational in the low (0.015 – 2.2 keV/e) and reduced (0.015 – 22.5 keV/e) energy modes on 3/16/96 when the spacecraft sun pulse was activiated. We will transition from using the reduced and low energy modes to the full (0.015 – 33.3 keV/e) and low energy modes later.
Timas has been operated in normal science modes from the stored command table from 00:00 (UT) on DOY 77 (3/17/96).
A log of Major Operational Events is now available.

Information about:

The NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Operations Facility (SPOF) provides information about Polar operation planning. This includes listings and plots of orbit tracks in various coordinate systems.

Plots of long term orbit projections

A complete forecast of spacecraft level activities including DSN contact schedules, as well as other POLAR status information, are available at

Analysis of Timas data is done primarily on a loosely connected set of Sun workstations at the Palo Alto site. We are running release 6.0 of the level zero analysis software, which is located on node cis in the directory /timas/code/release. Documentation supporting the release is in the doc subdirectory.

Prepared by Bill Peterson

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