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Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

K1 Parameter Description

The TIMAS k1 parameters are:

  • 32 spin (192 s) omnidirectional averages of
  • H+, O+, He+, and He++ number fluxes and
  • Average background counting rate in counts per second

CDF file skeleton table with file content documentation to CDAWeb standards

The K1 data files are key parameters. They are provided for survey and event identification purposes, not for publication

K1 data files will be produced for the Period AFTER June 7, 1999 when we found a stable operating environment after the December 8, 1998 high voltage breakdown. Production began in July 2002 and it is expected that it will take up to one year for us to complete generating these files.

Note that 2 spin resolution (12 s) TIMAS fluxes are available from CDAWeb for the period before December 8, 1998.

These high resolution (H0) TIMAS data files are described at the URL:

Prepared by Bill Peterson

Last updated 07/12/2005 by Daryl Carr