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Understand the microphysics of magnetic reconnection by determining the kinetic processes occurring in the electron diffusion region that are responsible for collisionless magnetic reconnection, especially how reconnection is initiated. 

MMS Leadership

MMS Science Principal Investigator:  Dr. James Burch, Southwest Research Institute (2005)

MMS Science Deputy Principal Investigator, Dr. Kevin Genestreti, Southwest Research Institute (2022)

  • Science Deputy PI, Dr. Roy Torbert, U New Hampshire (2007-2022)

MMS Program Scientist, Dr. Galen Fowler, NASA HQ

MMS Project Scientist, tbd, NASA GSFC (2023)

  • Project Scientist, 2019-2023: Dr. Barbara Giles, NASA GSFC (retired)
  • Project Scientist, Phase C - 2019: Dr. Thomas E. Moore, NASA GSFC (retired)

MMS Deputy Project Scientist, Dr. Guan Le, NASA GSFC

MMS Mission Director, James Clapsadle, NASA GSFC

MMS Instrument Lead Co-Is:

FIELDS Lead Co-I: Prof. R. B. Torbert, U New Hampshire (2005)

  • Fluxgate Magnetometers (FGM) Lead Co-I: Prof. C. T.  Russell, UCLA (2005)

  • Axial Double Probes (ADP) and Burst Data System Lead Co-I: Prof. R. E. Ergun, LASP/U. Colorado (2005)

  • Spin-plane Double Probes (SDP) Lead Co-I:  Dr. P.-A. Lindqvist, KTH Stockholm (2005)

  • Search Coil Magnetometer (SCM) Lead Co-I: Dr. O. Le Contel, LPP, France (2005)

  • Electron Drift Instrument (EDI) Lead Co-I: Dr. R. B. Torbert, U. New Hampshire (2005)

Fast Plasma Investigation (FPI) Lead Co-I, Phase E: Dr. Daniel Gershman, NASA GSFC (2020)

  • Fast Plasma Investigation Lead Co-I, Phase E-2020: Dr. B. L. Giles, NASA GSFC (2015-2020)
  • Fast Plasma Investigation Lead Co-I, Phase C-D: Dr. C. J. Pollock, NASA GSFC (retired)
  • Fast Plasma Investigation Lead Co-I, Phase A-B: Dr. Thomas E. Moore, NASA GSFC (retired)

Hot Plasma Composition Analyzer (HPCA) and Orbit Design Lead Co-I, Phase D-E: Dr. S. A. Fuselier, SwRI

  • Hot Plasma Composition Lead Co-I, Phase A-C: Dr. D. T. Young, SwRI (retired)

Energetic Particles Detector (EPD) Lead Co-I: Dr. Ian Cohen, JHU/APL (2019)

  • Energetic Particles Detector Lead Co-I, Phase A-E: Dr. Barry Mauk, JHU/APL (retired)

Active Spacecraft Potential Control Devices (ASPOC) Lead Co-I, Phase E: Dr. R. Nakamura, IWF (2009)

  • ASPOC Lead Co-I, Phase A-D: Dr. K. Torkar, IWF (retired)

Science Operations Center (SOC) Lead Co-I: Dr. D. N. Baker / LASP, CU Boulder (2005)

Theory and Modeling Team (TMT) Lead Co-I: Dr. M. Hesse / NASA GSFC (2005)

MMS Science Working Group: 

Chair, Science/Payload PI - Jim Burch
Vice-Chair, PS - Barbara Giles
HPCA Team Lead - Stephen Fuselier
ASPOC Team Lead - Rumi Nakamura
Fields Team Lead - Roy Torbert
FPI Team Lead - Dan Gershman
EPD Team Lead - Ian Cohen
Theory and Modeling Lead - Michael Hesse
Science Operation Center Lead - Daniel Baker
Science Operations Team Lead - Tai Phan
Burst Mode Lead - Robert Ergun

see charter at


MMS Mission Operations Team

Jim Clapsadle, GSFC/NASA – Mission Director
Chris Riley, KBR – Mission Operations Supervisor
Carl Phillips, KBR – Mission Operations Lead
Nick Padgett, KBR – Real-Time Operations Engineer
Alex Peljovich, KBR – Real-Time Operations Engineer
Calvin Dobrin, KBR – Real-Time Operations Engineer
Grace Jackson, KBR – Real-Time Operations Engineer
Steve Payne, KBR – Mission Planner
Lauren Hancox, KBR – Mission Planner

MMS Flight Dynamics Operations Team

Trevor Williams, GSFC/NASA – FDOA Lead
Neil Ottenstein, a.i. solutions, inc. – Mission Operations Lead
Babak Vint, a.i. solutions, inc. – Attitude Ground System Lead
Eric Palmer, GSFC/NASA – FDGSS Lead
Abram Aguilar, a.i. solutions, inc. – FDOA support Engineer
Benjamin Stringer, a.i. solutions, inc. – FDOA support Engineer
Anthony Wolosik, a.i. solutions, inc. – FDOA support Engineer
Aalok Patel, a.i. solutions, inc. – FDOA support Engineer
Vishnu Santhosh , a.i. solutions inc. – FDOA support Engineer

MMS Science Co-Is

Dr. N. Ahmadi, LASP, (Fields) (2018)
Dr. B. Anderson, JHU/APL (Magnetic Cleanliness)
Dr. M. André, IRFU (SDP)
Dr. M. Argall, UNH (Fields) (2023)
Dr. U. Auster, TUBS (DFG)
Dr. L. Avanov, NASA GSFC (FPI) (2018)
Dr. D. N. Baker / LASP, CU Boulder (SOC)
Dr. W. Baumjohann, IWF Graz (EDI)
Dr. J. Birn, LANL (TMT)
Dr. B. Blake, Aerospace (EPD/FEEPS)
Dr. Li-Jen Chen, GSFC (FPI, TMT) (2018)
Dr. J. Clemmons, Aerospace (EPD/FEEPS)
Dr. A. J. Coates, MSSL (FPI/DES)
Dr. I. Cohen, JHU/APL (EPD) (2018)
Dr. O. Le Contel, LPP, France
Dr. R. Denton, Dartmouth (TMT)
Dr. J. Drake, U. MD (TMT)
Dr. J. Eastwood, Imperial College (2023)
Prof. R. E. Ergun, LASP/U. Colorado
Dr. A. Eriksson, IRFU (SDP)
Dr. S. Eriksson, LASP (SDP) (2018)
Dr. J. Fennell, Aerospace (EPD/FEEPS) (2018)
Dr. H. Funsten, LANL (HPCA)
Dr. S. A. Fuselier, SwRI (HPCA)
Dr. C. Gabrielse, Aerospace (EPD/FEEPS) (2023)
Dr. K. Genestreti, UNH/SwRI (Fields) (2018)
Dr. D. Gershman, NASA GSFC (FPI) (2018)
Dr. B. L. Giles, NASA GSFC (retired)
Dr. K.-H. Glassmeier, TUBS (DFG)
Prof. M. V. Goldman, U. Colorado (IDS)
Dr. T. Gombosi, U. Mich. (TMT)
Dr. R. Gomez, SwRI (HPCA) (2018)
Dr. D. Graham, IRF Uppsala (SDP) (2023)
Dr. M. Grande, RAL/TBD (EPD/FEEPS)
Dr. G. Haerendel, MPI Garching (TMT) (retired)
Dr. M. Hesse / NASA GSFC (TMT)
Dr. M. Hoshino, U. Tokyo (TMT)
Dr. K. J. Hwang, SwRI (2023)
Dr. C. Kletzing, U Iowa (EDI)
Dr. Y. Khotyaintsev, IRF Uppsala (SDP) (2023)
Dr. B. Lavraud, IRAP (FPI) (2018)
Dr. P.-A. Lindqvist, KTH Stockholm
Dr. S. Livi, SwRI (EPD/EIS)
Dr. W. Magnes, IWF, Graz (FGM) - (DFG) (2009)
Dr. G. Marklund, KTH Stockholm (SDP)
Dr. W. Matthaeus, Bartol, U. Del. (TMT)
Dr. Barry Mauk, JHU/APL (retired)
Dr. D. J. McComas, SwRI (Calibration)
Dr. T. E. Moore, NASA GSFC (retired)
Dr. T. Mukai, ISAS, Tokyo (FPI/DIS, retired)
Dr. R. Nakamura, IWF Austria (ASPOC)
Dr. M. Oka, U. Calif. Berkeley (SITL) (2023)
Dr. G. Paschmann, ISSI (EDI) (ret.)
Dr. W. Paterson, NASA GSFC (FPI) - (2010)
Dr. S. Petrinec, LMATC (HPCA and Orbit Design) (2018)
Dr. T. Phan, U. Calif. Berkeley (SITL) (2018)
Dr. F. Plaschke, TU Braunschweig, Germany (FGM) (2016)
Dr. C. J. Pollock, NASA GSFC (retired)
Dr. G. Reeves, LANL (EPD)
Dr. P. Reiff, Rice U. (EPO)
Dr. O. Roberts, IWF Austria, (2023)
Dr. A. Roux, CETP (SCM, deceased)
Prof. C. T.  Russell, UCLA (retired)
Dr. J. Quinn (EDI, retired)
Dr. Y. Saito, ISAS (FPI/DIS)
Dr. J-A. Sauvaud, IRAP, Toulouse (FPI) (2009)
Dr. D. Sibeck, GSFC (TMT)
Dr. J. Slavin, GSFC, UMich (AFG)
Dr. H Spence, UNH (EPD)
Dr. J. Stawarz, Northumbria Univ (2023)
Dr. M. Steller, IWF, Graz (EDI) - (2009)
Prof. R. B. Torbert, U New Hampshire
Dr. K. Torkar, IWF Austria (ASPOC) (retired)
Dr. K.-H. Trattner, U. Colorado (HPCA)
Dr. D. Turner, JHU/APL (EDP/FEEPS) (2018)
Dr. A. Vaivads, KTH Sweden (2023)
Dr. P. Valek, SWRI (Calibration) (2010)
Dr. F. Wilder, LASP (Fields) (2018)
Dr. S. Yokota, ISAS, Tokyo (FPI) (2010)
Dr. D. T. Young, SwRI (retired)
*all are original to proposal team except as noted

Science Team Members

Dr. M. Andriopoulou, IWF Graz (ASPOC)
Dr. A. Ardakani, U New Hampshire (HPCA/FIELDS)
Dr. D. Kaker (EPD)
Dr. M. Berthomier, LPP France (SCM)
Kevin Blasl,  IWF Austria (ASPOC)
Dr. S. Bounds, U. Iowa (EDI)
Dr. J. Buechner, MPE Lindau
Dr. M. Chandler, NASA/MSFC (FPI)
Dr. Alexandros Chasapis, CU/LASP (FIELDS)
Dr. V. Coffey, NASA/MSFC (FPI)
Dr. J. Dorelli, NASA GSFC (FPI)
Dr. I. Dors, UNH (EDI)
Dr. P. Escoubet, ESA ESTEC (ASPOC)
Dr. C. Farrugia, U New Hampshire (FIELDS)
Dr. A. Fazakerley, MSSL
Dr. Imogen Gingell, Imperial College
Prof. Katherine Goodrich, UVW (FIELDS)
Dr. S. Heuer, U New Hampshire (FIELDS)
Dr. Sanni Hoilijoki, U. Helsinki (FIELDS)
Dr. Justin Holmes, LANL (FIELDS)
Martin Hostner, IWF Austria (ASPOC)
Dr. Trevor Leonard, CIRES/NOAA

Christy Lentz, LASP U Colorado
Dr. K. LLera – SwRI (HPCA)
Dr. A. Jaynes, U Iowa (EPD/FEEPS)
Dr. H. Jeszenszky, IWF Graz (ASPOC)
Dr. T. Karlsson, KTH Stockholm (SDP)
Lily Kromyda, CU/LASP FIELDS
Dr. H. Matsui, UNH (EDI)
Dr. Takuma Nakamura, IWF Austria (ASPOC)
Dr. Evgeny Panov, IWF Austria (ASPOC)
Dr. Neha Pathak, CU/LAPS (FIELDS)
Dr. D. Payne, UMaryland (FIELDS)
Dr. A. Retino, LPP France (SCM)
Dr. A. Rogers, U New Hampshire (FIELDS)
Dr. F. Sahraoui, LPP France (SCM)
Dr. C. Schiff, NASA GSFC (FPI)
Dr. J. Shuster, NASA GSFC (FPI)
Dr. S. Schwartz, Q.M. College, LANL
Dr. R. Strangeway, UCLA (FGM)
Dr. M. Thomsen, LANL (retired)
Dr. Maria Usanova, CU/LASP (FIELDS)
Dr. H. Vaith, UNH (EDI)
Dr. S. K. Vines – APL (HPCA)
Dr. J. Vogt, U. Bremen
Dr. J. Westlake, JHU/APL (EPD/EIS)

Interdisciplinary Science Team Leads

(These teams, selected by NASA HQ separately from the mission team, were not continued into extended mission
and are listed for reference. Many continue their work on the mission and are now associated with the instrument teams above.)

Martin Goldman, Univ. of Colorado
Theory and Simulation of Basic Kinetic Physics of Magnetic Reconnection in Support of MMS

  • Lapenta, Giovanni ; Co-I; United States Department of Energy   
  • Parker, Scott E; Co-I; University of Colorado at Boulder   
  • Eriksson, Stefan ; Co-I; University of Colorado  
  • Andersson, Laila ; Co-I; University of Colorado    
  • Newman, David L.; Co-I; University of Colorado    
  • Gosling, John T.; Co-I; University of Colorado          

Tai Phan, Univ. of California, Berkeley
Coupled Observational-Theoretical Investigations of Magnetic Reconnection in Support of the MMS Mission Design, Operation, and Data Analysis

  • Angelopoulos, Vassilis ; Co-I; University of California, Berkeley    
  • Peticolas, Laura ; Co-I; University of California at Berkeley    
  • Eastwood, Jonathan P; Co-I; UC Berkeley    
  • Oieroset, Marit ; Co-I; University of California 
  • Fujimoto, Masaki ; Co-I;Tokyo Institute of Technology    
  • Chaston, Christopher C; Co-I; University of California
  • Bonnell, John W; Co-I; University of California    
  • Mozer, Forrest ; Co-I; Space Sciences Laboratory    
  • Shay, Michael A; Co-I; University of Delaware
  • Bale, Stuart D.; Co-I; University of California           

Melvyn Goldstein, GSFC (with Lead Institutional Co-I, M. Ashour-Abdalla, UCLA)
Mission Oriented Support and Theory (MOST) for MMS

  • Walker, Raymond J.; Co-I;University of California, Los Angeles 
  • Leboeuf, Jean-Noel G.; Co-I; University of California at Los Angeles
  • Coroniti, Ferdinand V; Co-I;  University of California Los Angeles
  • Collier, Michael R; Co-I;  NASA/GSFC 
  • Kuznetsova, Maria M; Co-I;  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Klimas, Alex; Co-I;  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Berchem, Jean P.; Co-I; UCLA 
  • Vinas, Adolfo F; Co-I; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Richard, Robert L; Co-I;  University of California at Los Angeles
  • Schriver, David; Co-I;  UCLA 
  • Farrell, William; Co-I;NASA/GSFC 
  • Ashour-Abdalla, Maha ; Co-I; UCLA
  • El Alaoui, Mostafa; Co-I; University of California, Los Angeles
  • Peroomian, Vahe; Co-I; University of California Los Angeles;

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