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No comments will be included here on articles/features in the review process.  The editorial process is necessarily restricted to our Editors, Lou and Howard, and to the appropriate AGU and Wiley personnel.

Interviews under consideration:

1. Joseph Koller, doing IPA for DOD.  Invited by Lou, check back by summer time.

Collections under consideration:

1. Suggestion from Lou, he and Dolores Knipp currently following up.  From an email:  to compile a set of relevant (most relevant?) examples of SW papers organized in the several areas of space weather impacts on technology systems, both observational and modeling.   And perhaps, if necessary, some few miscellaneous papers (if there are any such).  For example, papers on GICs.  On GPS and cell phones.   On s/c drag.  On solar radio bursts.  On biological systems.  On forecasting of whatever.   Etc.  And modeling -- mostly related to CMEs if I recall correctly.   I was then going to propose to AGU that we might publish these in an AGU book.   Such a compiled volume would certainly represent the state of the art in this subject area, would further cement AGU as a leader, and might find considerable usefulness internationally.  This suggestion was also discuss in terms of a "top 25" list of Space Weather Journal papers that contain sufficient tutorial information as to be useful to a broad audience.  With the new Wiley collection features, this set of paper could be drawn from all the relevant journals (e.g., JGR, Radio Science, etc).

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