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GOAL:  Put all data appearing in publications on the public side – goal is to finish by submission of the 2022 Senior Review (Nov 2022)

  • Start bi-weekly meetings of the DSWG
    • add this topic to agenda, to address questions and clarify/adjudicate special cases

  • Commissioning data that are L2 and/or have appeared in publications made public
    • data directory structure to follow the current SDC scheme to place the commissioning data under its
      appropriate directories in 2015, so spedas/SPDF data load software can find them without extra effort
    • mms*/edp/comm/l2
    • mms*/scm/comm/l2
    • additional commissioning datasets used in publications (instrument teams to identify these data products and provide them to Kris;  an example publication used commissioning datasets here)

  • All L2 data products made public
    • mms*/feeps/raw/l2

    • mms*/fpi/slow   (there is no slow L2 data at the SDC)

    • mms*/fpi/fast/trig
    • any others?

  • All L3 data products made public
    • mms*/fpi/brst/l3
    • mms*/fsm/brst/l3
    • any others?
      • mms*/feeps/srvy/l3

  • AFG and DFG L2 pre-FGM data made public (no L2 AFG/DFG data as confirmed by the MAG team)

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