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Goal: to complete the transfer of MEC data processing to LASP by 9/30/2023

Bi-weekly tagup (MEC Team at LANL + SDC leads + PS Office): Occurs every 2 weeks on Wednesday effective 2/8/23 from 3:00 PM to 3:15 PM ET. → tagup time changed to 4:15-4:30 PM ET on 3/22/23 to accommodate Steve's schedule

2/8 tagup (Kris, Steve, Li-Jen) summary: Kris will set up the technical meeting with Steve (and Mike, if available) and SDC dev team Adrian/Michael, to occur on 2/15 at 3PM ET.

2/22 tagup (Kris, Steve, Barbara, Guan, Li-Jen) summary: Virtual machine (VM) at SDC to be ready by 2/28; Steve will perform initial installation and tests of LANL code on VM by 3/10 (or 3/24)

3/8 tagup (cancelled due to Steve and Kris unavailable) summary (by emails): VM operating system setup was delayed due to the LANL requested Ubuntu being not well supported at SDC; for long term support, 

3/22 tagup (Kris, Steve, Adrian, Guan, Li-Jen) summary: OS of the SDC VM for MEC is decided to be Red Hat. Steve will adjust the LANL MEC code to run on Red Hat considering stability of long term support at SDC.

4/5 tagup (Kris, Steve, Mike, Li-Jen) summary: Kris to check on the VM status in person right after the tagup, expecting the MEC account to be ready this week; Steve confirmed that the LANL code is ready to run on RH. 

4/19 tagup (Adrian, Li-Jen) summary: VM is set up and MEC account is ready at SDC; Adrian will provide Steve the login information right after tagup; Steve's update is that he will start as soon as the account is ready, and his available effort will ramp up in the next few weeks.

5/3 taghup (Kris, Steve, Adrian, Guan, Li-Jen) summary: Kris and Adrian are working on enabling root access on the VM for Steve, and expect to achieve that in ~ 1 week.

5/17 tagup (cancelled, as Kris and Adrian are not available) summary (by emails): Steve has tested his LASP email account and VPN access that will enable him to access the MEC VM from anywhere (not restricted to LANL); LASP IT is adding a new user account with root access for Steve to the new sdc-mec1 processing VM; LASP HR is waiting on further information from Mike before proceeding with his account set up

MEC -> SDC Transition Timeline  (DRAFT by Kris Larsen)

February 1-7, 2023 → rescheduled to 2/15 with an enhanced agenda

     SDC-LANL Technical Meeting (virtual)


  • SDC Virtual Machine Requirements
    1. Memory requirements
    2. Processing Cores
    3. Ubuntu version
    4. Software Dependencies
  • MEC Docker Specifications

March 2023 → milestones with 'by when' updated by Kris and concurred by Steve on 2/22

     Establish a virtual machine at the SDC to prepare for LANL docker 

        LASP will file ticket with LASP IT on February 22 (intend to have VM established by Feb 28th.)

                       LASP will establish accounts and verify access with Steve

                        Initial Install tests by Steve by approximately March 10th (or 24th) ← pending the LANL code compatibility with SDC VM that runs Red Hat OS (per email from Kris on 3/16/23) → resolved on 3/22/23 tagup


     Delivery of LANL Code to SDC

                        Integration of LANL Code into SDC pipeline

                                 Connect LANL code to SDC file storage

                        Initial validation of data products

     Investigate Processing triggers 

         Based on current LANL cron-based trigger system

June 2023   

      Create MEC data products at the SDC

July/August 2023

     Dual Generation Period

     Products created at both SDC and LANL

  • LANL products continue as official (served to public and archived at SPDF)
  • SDC products checked against LANL for validity and completenss

September 2023

     Transition Complete

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