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2/22 tagup (Kris, Steve, Barbara, Guan, Li-Jen) summary: Virtual machine (VM) at SDC to be ready by 2/28; Steve will perform initial installation and tests of LANL code on VM by 3/10 (or 3/24)

3/8 tagup (cancelled due to Steve and Kris unavailable) summary (by emails): VM operating system setup was delayed due to the LANL requested Ubuntu being not well supported at SDC; for long term support, 


5/3 taghup (Kris, Steve, Adrian, Guan, Li-Jen) summary: Kris and Adrian are working on enabling root access on the VM for Steve, and expect to achieve that in ~ 1 week.

5/17 tagup (cancelled, as Kris and Adrian are not available) summary (by emails): Steve has tested his LASP email account and VPN access that will enable him to access the MEC VM from anywhere (not restricted to LANL); LASP IT is adding a new user account with root access for Steve to the new sdc-mec1 processing VM; LASP HR is waiting on further information from Mike before proceeding with his account set up

MEC -> SDC Transition Timeline  (DRAFT by Kris Larsen)