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The link to the poster hall is here:

Anyone who has never used the platform is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to test and explore the platform if possible before the session. I’ve included some additional resources at the end of the email in case you find them helpful.

Gather can be opened in browser or Desktop application (beta)

Simple controls:

  • Move: Keypad (arrow keys)

  • Interact with poster, etc.: “x”

  • Can turn off video and/or audio

  • When you enter a colored “presentation area” you’ll hear/see the presenter and anyone else in the are and vice versa

Each poster will be located in a square “presentation area” demarcated with colored ovals - see an example below. Attendees and presenters will be able to walk around the “poster hall” and explore. Anyone inside the colored square for each poster will be able to see and hear the presenter, presentation, and each other; once a user leaves the colored area, they’ll lose the audio and video feed.


Helpful Resources: 

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